in the ear hearing aidNow that you have gone through the appropriate battery of hearing tests, you are now ready to purchase a properly fitted hearing instrument that will significantly improve your hearing experience.

At Master Plan, we can make suggestions and recommendations for the right style hearing instrument for you based on your preference, such as “in-the-ear” or “in-the-canal.” In addition, we can discuss the features and benefits of each one so that you can be 100% satisfied that you have the right hearing instrument for the way you live your life.

denver hearing aid batteriesAt some point, your hearing instrument battery will need to be replaced. When that time comes, we can replace it with the Rayovac ProLine Advanced Mercury Free battery, the best battery we have found for hearing instruments.

In addition, we offer information on a wide array of hearing instrument accessories including earpieces, earplugs, ear molds, and much more. For example, you might consider purchasing a Personal FM System. This particular accessory allows you unfettered hearing at meetings, listening to music at home listening to TV or music, at work, or in the car.

Read about all the different hearing instrument styles and accessories that can enhance your overall hearing experience.

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