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What are the best hearing aids?

Posted by Bob Hoffarth on Fri, Jan 18, 2013 @ 17:01 PM

The best hearing aids are those personally selected and fitted for the wearer by a specially trained hearing health care professional.  Personally means "face to face" and "hands on care".  Of course, this will not be possible when purchasing hearing aids on the internet, by mail order or over the phone.

Locate an experienced (practicing for at least 5 years) hearing aid specialist or audiologist who uses "best practice procedures" (hearing aid fitting verification, validation and follow-up, follow-up and more follow-up).  Hearing well with hearing aids will require several or more visits to the hearing aid specialist over a 3 to 8 week period.  Hearing well with hearing aids is a very rehabilitative process.  

It will take time to retrain the brain to listen to the ears with hearing aids.  Your coach - the hearing specialist, has vast knowledge of the human hearing system.  He will teach you about the proper use and care of your hearing aids and will develop personal strategies for you to hear well and communicate effectively in different listening situations.

It is essential that you find one of these experienced professionals with advanced training and skills.  Get a personal referral from your physician, a friend, a family member or one of the many satisfied hearing aid wearers in town.  Again, the key to better hearing is fitting hearing aids professionally the right way by "best practices", personalized care and a dedication to follow-up.  When you find this hearing aid specialist, he or she will be promoting and dispensing expert service packages.... not just products. 

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